Visiting Faculty


Besides the Core Faculty, the ISID has a number of Visiting Professors and Research Fellows who take up studies on contemporary issues of policy relevance.



Prof. S.K. Goyal

Professor Emeritus


Research Interests: Industrial and trade policies, public sector, planning, corporate sector and foreign investments.

Shri Nilmadhab Mohanty

IAS (Retd), Honorary Senior Fellow


Research Interests: Sustainable mineral development, regional industrial development and policy issues.

Shri M.M.K. Sardana

IAS (Retd), Visiting Fellow


Research Interests: Policy issues.

Prof. K. S. Chalapati Rao

Visiting Professor


Research Interests: Corporate sector, stock markets and foreign investments.

Prof. H. Ramachandran

Visiting Professor


Research Interests: Quantitative techniques, urban and regional studies and programme evaluation.

Prof. T. P. Bhat

Honorary Professor


Research Interests: WTO related issues such as trade, intellectual property and agriculture, global issues in finance, distributive trade and small scale sector.

Prof. Atul Sarma

Visiting Professor


Research Interests: Industrial development, development economics, public finance and policy.

Prof. Jaishri Jethwaney

Visiting Professor


Research Interests: Mass media, corporate communication, advertising management, public relations.

Shri Pradyuman Singh Rawat

Visiting Fellow


Research Interests: Banking, rural economy and social reforms.

Dr. Smitha Francis



Research Interests: Industrial, trade and investment policies, foreign investments, free trade agreements, digital technologies.

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