Shri M.M.K. Sardana

Shri M.M.K. Sardana

IAS (Retd), Visiting Fellow


Shri M.M.K. Sardana (B-1944) retired from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 2004 when he was secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in Government of India. From 2004-2009, he was with MRTP Commission as a Member and also was its acting Chairman for about two-and-half years.

In his career of 41 years with the Government, he was with the Ministries of Labour, Home, Commerce & Industries, Ocean Development, Science & Technology, Culture, External Affairs and Power before retiring as Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in Government of India. He has led several delegations to the Preparatory Commission on the Laws of Sea and has participated in Antarctic Treaty system.

Besides he has participated in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and meetings in fields varying from Science & Technology to Culture and Commerce & Industry. He has been on the Board of SEBI as well.

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