Macro Level Databases


The ISID has been acquiring databases and updating the existing databases to meet the data requirements of the empirical researchers in the area of macroeconomic aspects of the Indian economy. In particular, the ISID database covers wide range of aggregate economic data with special emphasis on Indian manufacturing industries, corporate sectors, foreign direct investments, technology, international trade, labour and social sector. The coverage and content of these databases are being continuously enlarged and updated. The active databases encompasses the following aspects:



Industrial Sector: Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) Factory Sector Vol I and II, Tabulated ASI data for All India & State-wise level at 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit level, ASI Unit level data for the organised manufacturing sector, National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) Unit level data on the unorganised manufacturing sector, Informal Non-Agricultural Enterprises (NSSO),


Corporate Sector: Company Finances, Prowess IQ, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Corporate Business Sector in India (RBI), Digital Library of Company Annual Reports and Prospectus, Ministry of Corporate Affairs


Employment & Social Sector: NSSO Unit level data on Consumer Expenditure, Employment and Un-Employment, Participation in Education, Unorganised Services excluding trade and finance, Non-Directory Trade Establishment & Own Account trading


Foreign Direct Investments: Secretariat for Industrial Assistance (SIA) Newsletter, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, FDI markets (Financial Times, London), Venture Intelligence database covering Private Equity/Venture Capital deals, Mergers & Acquisition deals, Private Equity in Real Estate databases


Other Macro Level Databases: EPWRD India-Time Series Online Database covering various macro-economic aspects of India in 13 modules, IndiaStat online portal covering secondary level socio-economic statistical information on India, RBI Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy, RBI Bulletin, Economic Survey (various issues), ??IMF E-library which includes (i) International Financial Statistics, (ii) Balance of Payments Statistics (iii) Direction of Trade Statistics (iv) Government Finance Statistics (v) Trade and Investments, World Development Indicators (WDI) of World Bank, UNCTADSTAT Online database.


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