Ph.D. Affiliation


ISID provides opportunity to Research Scholars from recognised Indian Universities and Colleges, who work on topics related to the research focus of ISID, to do use the facilities at ISID for their research. The research scholars would be provided with space to work in ISID and be able to use the resources available at ISID such as databases and library. They are required to work under the joint supervision of one of the faculty members of ISID. Interested research scholars may express their interest to Director ISID at through their concerned University/College.


?? ??List of Ph.D. Affiliation Scholars

  • Mrs. Diksha Rani from Department of Economics, Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU), Meerut, is pursuing a Ph.D. under the joint supervision of Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Professor, CCSU, and Dr. Reji K. Joseph, Associate Professor, ISID. Her dissertation topic is ???FDI and Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Context and Prospects.???
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