Discussion Notes

NumberArticle titleAuthor(s)Year
DN2019/03Skyrocketing Costs of Hosting Olympic Games Belie Expectations of Hosting Cities, Resulting in Asymmetries in the Olympic MovementM.M.K. SardanaJune 2019
DN2019/02The Rise of Urban Tech Start-Ups in India Spearheading Urban TransformationM.M.K. SardanaApril 2019
DN2019/01Catching-Up in the Digital Economy: The Need for Rapid Policy Evolution
Smitha FrancisFebruary 2019
DN2018/10An Overview of the Draft Data Protection Bill, 2018M.M.K. SardanaDecember 2018
DN2018/09India Must Develop AI Technology for Future Economic and Strategic SecurityM.M.K. SardanaNovember 2018
DN2018/08Europe Will Continue to be the Number One Destination for Chinese InvestmentM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2018
DN2018/07The Flipkart-Walmart Deal: A Look into Competition and Other Related IssuesBeena SaraswathySeptember 2018
DN2018/06Needs for Updating Tax Rules as the Sharing Economy Shows upM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2018
DN2018/05Causes and Consequences of the Escalating Trade War between the US and ChinaM.M.K. SardanaJuly 2018
DN2018/04An Overview of Geospatial Industry in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaApril 2018
DN2018/03India’s Push for Electric Vehicles by 2030 would be a Win for Chinese Electric Car ManufacturersM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2018
DN2018/02Formalising the Indian Economy on the Wings of Demonetisation, GST and Technology
M.M.K. SardanaFebruary 2018
DN2018/01Scenario of Handheld Phone Market in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2018
DN2017/11A Note on FRDI BillM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2017
DN2017/10Investment Facilitation Agreement in WTO: What it Contains and Why India should be Cautious?Reji K. JosephNovember 2017
DN2017/09Intensifying Competition in Telecom Sector in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2017
DN2017/08Mission Mode Approach to Prepare India for the Fourth Industrial RevolutionM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2017
DN2017/07Asset Quality of Scheduled Commercial Banks: A Prime Concern for Sustainable Growth, A Discussion PaperP.S. RawatJuly 2017
DN2017/06Advertising Campaigns and Strategies of Political PartiesM.M.K. SardanaJune 2017
DN2017/05Evolving Economic Thought to Include the Impact of Technology in Economic Development and Economic Theory Overcoming the Limitation Set by the Analytical ApproachM.M.K. SardanaMay 2017
DN2017/04Inevitable Lay Offs in IT SectorM.M.K. SardanaApril 2017
DN2017/03Changing the Manufacturing Strategy of China Will Minimise the Expectation of Jobs Being Pushed towards Countries like IndiaM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2017
DN2017/02Sports Other than Cricket also Bound to Contribute to the Sports Economy in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2017
DN2017/01Strategic Competition in South Asia: Gwadar and ChabaharM.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2017
DN2016/06Need of a Nationwide Debate on Universal Basic Income for IndiaM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2016
DN2016/05A Note on Advocacy for Reworking Strategies of Infrastructure Development in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2016
DN2016/04Need to Recast the AMP 2026 in Light of Disruptive Trends that will Transform the Auto IndustryM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2016
DN2016/03Action Plan for Startup IndiaM.M.K. SardanaApril 2016
DN2016/02Paris Agreement On Climate Change—Signal for the End of Primacy of Fossil Fuels and Ushering in of Era of Internet of Things for Sustainable Economic GrowthM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2016
DN2016/01Missing out on reference to Sustainable Development Agenda (SDA) from the Agreed Text of Paris UNFCCCM.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2016
DN2015/12Treatment of Cross-border Services, Intangibles and Goods Under the GST RegimeM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2015
DN2015/11In Quest for Rightful Status for Renminbi in the International Monetary SystemM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2015
DN2015/10Rebalancing of the Chinese Economy, Its Slowdown and Devaluation of the YuanM.M.K. SardanaNovember 2015
DN2015/10Rebalancing of the Chinese Economy, Its Slowdown and Devaluation of the YuanM.M.K. SardanaNovember 2015
DN2015/09Food Safety at Home – A Recipe for Greater Global Market AccessM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2015
DN2015/08Businesses, Corporates and Sustainable Development Agenda (2015-30)M.M.K. SardanaSeptember 2015
DN2015/07A Critical Note on Transition from Millennium Development Goals Agenda to Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals AgendaM.M.K. SardanaSeptember 2015
DN2015/06 Limitation of Measurement Models of National Intellectual Capital in Real World SituationsM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2015
DN2015/05Recognising, Measuring, Accounting, Harnessing and Managing Intellectual Capital Assets of EntitiesM.M.K. SardanaJuly 2015
DN2015/04The Internet and its Governance: Comparative Approaches in India and ChinaM.M.K. SardanaMay 2015
DN2015/03India's FDI Policy on e-Commerce: Some ObservationsRahul Nath ChoudhuryApril 2015
DN2015/02Vision of Digital India: Challenges Ahead for Political EstablishmentsM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2015
DN2015/01Evolution of e-Commerce in India: Taxation of e-Commerce Transactions (Part 3)M.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2015
DN2014/08Evolution of e-Commerce in India: Challenges Ahead (Part 2)M.M.K. SardanaDecember 2014
DN2014/07Evolution of e-Commerce in India: Challenges Ahead (Part 1)M.M.K. SardanaOctober 2014
DN2014/06Future Technology and EconomicsM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2014
DN2014/05FDI Companies and the Indian Company Law: Regulations vs. DisclosuresK.S. Chalapati RaoJuly 2014
DN2014/04Advocacy for Technology based Planning for Democratizing the Process of GrowthM.M.K. SardanaJune 2014
DN2014/03Case for Revisiting National Manufacturing Policy to provide for Technology Watch and Integration and Coexistence of Manufacturing and Service SectorM.M.K. SardanaApril 2014
DN2014/02Economic Potential of Women Cricket Waiting to be ExploitedM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2014
DN2014/01Shaping Up Sports Economy in India through Commercialization of CricketM.M.K. SardanaFebruary 2014
DN2013/11Development, Environment, Biodiversity and The Sixth Great ExtinctionM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2013
DN2013/10The Real Estate Regulatory Bill, 2013M.M.K. SardanaNovember 2013
DN2013/09Addressing Naxalism and Left Wing Extremism through Good Governance, Development, Security Action and Readiness to TalkM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2013
DN2013/08Indefinite Definition of FDIK.S. Chalapati Rao, Biswajit Dhar and K.V.K. RanganathanSeptember 2013
DN2013/07Addressing Inequalities in Globalised WorldM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2013
DN2013/06 Ethical Issues Surrounding the Science and Engineering of EconomicsM.M.K. SardanaJuly 2013
DN2013/05FDI in Multi-brand Retail Trade and the SafeguardsK.S. Chalapati Rao and Biswajit DharJune 2013
DN2013/04Economic thoughts of M.K. Gandhi and Adam SmithM.M.K. SardanaJune 2013
DN2013/03Countries Despite Transformations taking place remain rooted to their basic approach to Economics and EconomyM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2013
DN2013/02Regulation of Mining Operations In Odisha A Primer in How to Kill the Goose that Lays Golden EggsNilmadhab MohantyJanuary 2013
DN2013/01India aims at becoming Global Hub of Supply of Skilled ManpowerM.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2013
DN2012/10Integrating trickle-down and bottom-up approach for Inclusive Economic Development on the Wings of Innovation in Globalized EconomyM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2012
DN2012/09Information Explosion, Challenges and OpportunitiesM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2012
DN2012/08Advocacy for Creation of Ministry of Public HealthM.M.K. SardanaSeptember 2012
DN2012/07Land Acquisition Issues RevisitedM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2012
DN2012/06Targeting the Oil Exports of IranM.M.K. SardanaJune 2012
DN2012/05Challenges of Rising Inequalities and Corruption in Growing Economies like IndiaM.M.K. SardanaJune 2012
DN2012/04Health and Safety at Workplaces in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaMay 2012
DN2012/03Standoff between Iran and US and its allies on Nuclear Issues A PerspectiveM.M.K. SardanaApril 2012
DN2012/02Bollywood on the Wings of Technology and its Contribution to Economy Hundredth Year of Indian CinemaM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2012
DN2012/01The Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority Bill 2011M.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2012
DN2011/16Limit Consumption or PerishM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2011
DN2011/15Declining Sex Ratios Will it Impact Economic Growth!M.M.K. SardanaNovember 2011
DN2011/14Formulating India’s FDI Policy Waiting for GodotK.S. Chalapati Rao and Biswajit DharOctober 2011
DN2011/13Trade in Real Water and Virtual Water International Trade RegimeM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2011
DN2011/12A Mission Approach for Addressing Garbage Issues in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2011
DN2011/11Public Health Issues and Disaster Management of Nuclear Fuel Cycles in IndiaM.M.K. SardanaJuly 2011
DN2011/10What goes on in Real Estate Business?M.M.K. SardanaJuly 2011
DN2011/09Impact of Accident at Fukushima on Nuclear Energy Programmes of India and ChinaM.M.K. SardanaJuly 2011
DN2011/08Information Asymmetry, Law and CompetitionM.M.K. SardanaJune 2011
DN2011/07Behavioural Biases of Consumers and Competition PolicyM.M.K. SardanaMay 2011
DN2011/06Battle of CurrenciesM.M.K. SardanaApril 2011
DN2011/05Impact of Triple Tragedy of 11th March in Japan on World Economy and Nuclear Energy IndustryM.M.K. SardanaMarch 2011
DN2011/04Competition Policy, Economic Growth and CorruptionM.M.K. SardanaFebruary 2011
DN2011/03Advocacy and Lobbying Indian ContextM.M.K. SardanaFebruary 2011
DN2011/02Is there a Solution to Corruption!M.M.K. SardanaFebruary 2011
DN2011/01Monetary Policy Corruption and Other Parameters Specific to IndiaM.M.K. SardanaJanuary 2011
DN2010/06India’s Quest for Nuclear EnergyM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2010
DN2010/05Competition Issues in Health SectorM.M.K. SardanaDecember 2010
DN2010/04Democracy, Development and Growth The Indian ExperienceM.M.K. SardanaOctober 2010
DN2010/03Towards Increasing Productivity and Improving Post Harvest Management in Apple Cultivation in HimachalM.M.K. SardanaSeptember 2010
DN2010/02Advocacy and Regulatory Mechanism on Development IssuesM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2010
DN2010/01Land Acquisition IssuesM.M.K. SardanaAugust 2010
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